Soya beans traders call for government intervention over invasion of market by Indians invade market

Some Ghanaian soya beans buyers have expressed worries over the invasion of Indians who are doing retail buying reserved for Ghanaian buyers.

This was revealed after metro news visited some areas designated by the Indians for their retail business.

The traders say their worries are increasing. According to them, what is surprising is the fact that these Indians are able to get the soya beans out of the country even though there’s a ban on soya beans exports.

The Indian buyers resisted every attempt made by metro news to get them to speak on the issue.

However, when the local buyers were contacted, they were worried that after supporting the farmers with fertilizer and other farm inputs, they end up selling the produce to the Indians because they have inflated the prices.

They added that the local buyers have employed many people and will be forced to fold up if nothing is done about this development.


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