Suspect in Millennium City shooting remanded; set to reappear before court on May 30

Suspect in Millennium City shooting remanded; set to reappear before court on May 30

A district court in Achimota has remanded Benlord Ababio, the suspect in the murder of Lance Corporal Michael Danso, into police custody for two weeks.

Danso, a military officer, was shot and killed on May 16 at Kasoa Millennium City in the Central region over a land dispute.

Justice Prince Osei Owusu presided over the hearing and ordered Ababio to reappear in court on May 30.

Ababio is facing charges of murder in connection with the fatal shooting.

The case has sparked widespread outrage and concern over the escalating violence in land disputes in Ghana.

Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.


A land dispute in Millennium City turned violent, resulting in the death of a military officer. The deceased officer’s brother had purchased a plot of land from local chiefs, but faced resistance from landguards when attempting to develop it.

On the day of the incident, the deceased officer, accompanied by two colleagues, drove to the area to resolve the issue. They had previously filed a complaint at the Millennium City District Police Command. Upon arrival, they encountered individuals working on the land and ordered them to stop. However, they were confronted by Benlord Ababio, the Gyasehene of Millennium City, who insisted they not file another complaint.

After refusing to heed the chief’s plea, Ababio fired at the officers’ vehicle from behind as they drove away, heading to the Divisional Police Command. One officer was killed in the attack, while two others escaped unharmed. Ababio was immediately arrested and taken into custody at the Divisional Police Command.

An eyewitness account corroborated the events, stating, “I saw the incident unfold right in front of me. The chief tried to persuade the officers not to file another complaint, but they didn’t listen. As they drove away, he fired at their vehicle, resulting in one officer’s death.”

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