Take preemptive measures to ensure Salifu 11 & Malik 9 are brought to book – Jinapor to Ahafo REGSEC

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. Samuel Jinapor, has charged the Ahafo Regional Security Council ( REGSEC) to ensure the capture of some two popular cartel syndicates in the region, who are terrorizing the indigenes and forestry officials in the area.

He asked that the REGSEC make it a point that these two groups who have already been declared wanted by the police are pursued vigorously, and when apprehended, are made to face the full rigors of the law.

The Minister said H.E the President and the Ministry are desperately looking forward to Ahafo REGSEC clamping down on illegal lumbering in the region.

He stressed ” I expect immediate action to be taken because it’s a desperate situation and we cannot allow such situation to continue. The culture of impunity when it comes to law enforcement, cannot be allowed to be part of our country and therefore I am hoping that these people will be apprehended and dealt with.”

He further tasked the Forestry Commission to as soon as possible, establish a task force that will help the police investigate the matter and also do an audit of all companies that commercialize the sale of any kind of wood in the region.

He said, ” As soon as possible, get this task force in place and bring out plans and strategies to tear down the operations of these syndicates, ensuring that you involve a member from the Regional House of Chiefs.

The Minister pledged to provide all needed logistics and financial assistance which will aid in the overall success of their work.

Mr. Jinapor also commended the Regional Minister, Hon. George Boakye for being on top of issues relating to galamsey and asked that an improved effort should be channeled towards combating lumbering in the region.

The Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. George Boakye, on behalf of the REGSEC assured the Minister of their readiness to clamp down on all illegal activities in the region.

He, therefore, asked that the Minister reposes his confidence in the REGSEC and be rest assured that they will deliver on the job, especially with respect to the arrest of the cartel.

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