Takoradi alleged kidnapping: police, minister should have helped the situation – Security Analyst

Foreign Policy and Security Analyst, Adib Saani, says the Ghana Police Service failed in its handling of the alleged kidnapping and pregnant woman in Takoradi.

Mr. Saani said the Western Regional Minister, Mr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah abused his office and use his position to divulge sensitive information which he should have been classified.

The security expert believes Ghanaians are of the opinion that the move by the police was an attempt to protect the Regional Minister adding that the case should have been conclusive at this stage.

In a conversation on Metro TV’s News Beat, Adib Saani said the security agency did not go about the situation well stating that their utterances should have calmed the matter.

“It is clear from all indications that the police didn’t manage this issue well. As a matter of fact, the statement by the police should have put to rest all of these” he told Kenneth Adu-Gyasi on Friday, September 24, 2021.

He said to make matters worse, the Regional Minister, who should have cleared the police mess, worsened the situation by giving out some facts he has by virtue of his role as a regional representative of the government.

“Unfortunately, we had a regional minister who couldn’t zip it by virtue of the fact that he is the regional Security Council chairperson who was privy to this information and bringing it out to the public domain,” he pointed.

Adib Saani said the aim of the police, according to his investigation of public opinion, was to speak well of the government official even when he was wrong.

“I have personally been on social media to gauge modes and it’s quite obvious that a lot of Ghanaians still feel that the statement by the police is a grand scheme of a sort to cover up for the Minister,” he noted.

Saani says the bulk of the blame can be put on the Regional Minister indicating that he had the moment to determine where the case should have been at this time.

“So, it is sad to say that it is the Minister who messed up the whole situation and by now, they should have had a sense of what the issue really is and this issue should have died down. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening,” he added.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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