Taxation on sanitary pads is unreasonable conception -Francis Sosu

Francis Xavier Sosu, the Madina Constituency Member of Parliament, has emphasized that the tariffs levied on sanitary pads are irrational.

The lawmaker claims that the idea behind these levies is unfair and breaches women’s fundamental rights, which is why the pricey sanitary pad has forced some young women to utilize untreated materials and tissues, which is harmful to their health.

The NDC member argued that the elimination of taxes would strengthen the nation’s efforts to combat poverty in an interview with Kofi Doe Lawson on Original 91.9 FM‘s “Adwenkasa,” explaining that it would make women in the nation poorer.

“The government is discriminating against women and making them poorer,” he declared. Whatever you choose to call it, the tax is horrible.

Furthermore, he expressed his belief that if the bill is passed, it will have an immediate effect. He also urged Ghanaians to support the effort to repeal the tax.

“I hope that parliament would listen to the voice of God and that every MP would listen to the voice of God so that we can do the necessary,” the statement reads. “If the voice of the people is the voice of God, then I urge every woman and Ghanaian to join the campaign.”

He stated that the goal of the action is to lower the cost, make it cheap for women, and encourage good hygiene.

This comes after the Madina MP submitted a draft bill to parliament urging the government to remove the 15% value-added tax and the 20% luxury tax on sanitary pads in order to lower their cost. The purpose of the proposed law is to eliminate the VAT on sanitary pads and tampons by amending the VAT {Amendment } Act, 2022 (ACT 1082).

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