Tema West NPP members unhappy with Carlos Ahenkorah’s decision to leave Parliament

Some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tema West Constituency are voicing their misgivings following the decision of their Member of Parliament (MP), Carlos Ahenkorah, to abstain from contesting the 2024 parliamentary elections.

The Tema West NPP Chairman, Kwesi Poku, deems Ahenkorah’s withdrawal a setback, citing the MP’s invaluable experience as crucial to retaining the constituency seat in the critical 2024 elections.

Carlos Ahenkorah is recognized for his dedication to the NPP, including the infamous ballot paper snatching incident in Parliament.

He is believed by some party members to have been unfairly treated since his removal from a deputy ministerial position. Despite speculation, the MP remains silent on his reasons for stepping back.

The NPP Tema West Constituency Chairman Kwesi Poku expresses regret over losing Ahenkorah’s experience, describing it as unfortunate.

Some NPP members in the constituency told Metro TV in an interview that Mr. Ahenkorah bowing out of Parliament is a big blow to the party.

However, others see this as an opportunity for new ideas and leadership.

Advocates within the party stress the importance of recognizing and rewarding committed members like Ahenkorah to motivate others. They believe such acknowledgment is critical for fostering a dedicated and motivated party base.

The Tema West NPP faces a pivotal moment as it navigates the aftermath of Ahenkorah”s decision, with internal discussions focusing on the party’s strategy for the upcoming elections and the broader implications for its unity and strength.

By: Justice Ahoto | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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