The Nonsensical Agenda Of Yanking NDC Away From Founder Rawlings Is Killing The Soul Of The Party – Koku Anyidoho

As the 45th Anniversary of the June 4, 1979, Uprising, hit the nation yesterday, a former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, comrade Samuel Koku Anyidoho, has bemoaned the despicable conduct of the current leadership of the Party vis-a-vis a certain nauseating agenda to obliterate the memory of the Founder, Jerry John Rawlings.

According to the former Deputy General Secretary (DGS), long before the passing of the Founder, it was very obvious that some groups within the party wanted to claim what does not belong to them and it is clear that they are now ready to throw away his memory so they can own the party for their selfish interests.

According to the former DGS, Under normal circumstances, the NDC should have issued statements to mark the Day but no such thing was done.

“In as much as the nation is not obliged to remember June 4th, the NDC as a political party is not allowed to ever run away from the Day because it forms part of our history and is an integral part of the foundation of the NDC whether people like it or not” Koku said.

There is no denying the fact that people like John Mahama and Asiedu-Nketiah have been angling to delete the memory of our Founder from the NDC’s boos so that they can own the Party – and that is one of demonic things killing the spirit of the NDC” the former DGS added.

According to comrade Anyidoho, if people do not like pork, they cannot drink pork soup. In other words, if some people do not like the history of the NDC, then they cannot continue to benefit from its existence.

“The total disrespect being shown to the memory of the Founder is not going to do the NDC any good and if the true owners of the Party do not stand up and speak. The highway robbers and buccaneers who have hijacked the party will end up destroying the party forever” a visibly disturbed former DGS posited.

According to Koku Anyidoho, the “nonsensical agenda, will only end up hurting the collective good of the NDC because some of us shall forever resist the agenda with all the strength we can muster”.

Indeed, Koku Anyidoho who is Founder and CEO of the Atta-Mills Institute (AMI), was very emphatic that, if it was not because of the tenacity of himself and his Team, the name of former President John Evans Atta-Mills would have be wiped off the face of the earth by the same group of people who want to kill the memory of Jerry John Rawlings.

“A bunch of heartless profiteers who have no commitment to the ideals and ethos of the existence of the NDC are the ones in leadership positions and dismembering what the Revolution stood for”.

According to the former DGS, John Mahama and Asiedu-Nketiah should be prepared to face the full brunt of their bad leadership if they lead the NDC into a third disgraceful electoral defeat in December.

“We shall chase them out of the NDC with uncompromising revolutionary zeal and they will not survive the onslaught” Koku concluded.

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