The tragic fall of Funny Face from favor and sympathy

Funny Face started his career as one of the very favoured comedians. It just worked for him without ever being a top top natural comedian. Just like the funny guy in the group who is loved because he jokes a lot.

He had a lot of love from children and key people who matter in society. To be this and lose it all is a difficult place to be.

If you are a comedian and lose your humor appeal, and you happen to be a human and lose the sympathy of society, you may be alive, but you are as good as dead.

This is the depressive state of Funny Face now. He has lost the favor needed to sustain his career and lost the empathy of society needed to earn him some love when he needs it.

The same jokes people would laugh loudly at a few years ago, the same comedy skits that would have drawn massive public interest, are now dismissed.

And when he is at his lowest too, there is no love, no affection, nor sympathy for him because everything is downplayed under the banner of bipolar.

It’s difficult to blame anyone, his own actions and the reaction of societt, it’s difficult to point accusing fingers.

If we accept that someone is mad, then we shouldn’t hold them accountable for their wrongs and punish them for it. But what can spectators do when they sign up for good music and the music no longer sounds good?

The worst place a man can be is when his jokes aren’t funny and his pains aren’t sorrowful. This is where Funny Face is, and it would take a lot for him to win that favor and affection back.

No man would deliberately destroy his Kingdom in this manner, attack his helpers unprovoked.

If we admit that he has mental health problems, then as a society, we must not count his slips against him.

He still deserves some love, he shouldn’t be looked on as one who brought everything he is going through onto himself.

It’s definitely due to mental healthhealth and he cannot he held accountable under the circumstances.

Rather, showing him love during periods of relapse instead of casting aspersion would aid his healing or at least, improve his situation.

We can’t be so ruthless when dealing with people who are not always in control of their actions.

The author of this piece is Kofi Kyei Andoh. He is a journalist, writer and a researcher.

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