Two hospitalized as military fires shots in Bole

Two members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are currently hospitalized at the Bole Government Hospital after military personnel fired shots to disperse a crowd of angry youth in Bole, Savannah Region.

Constituency Secretary, Mahama Surazu, and NHIS Director, Bole-Bamboi District, sustained injuries during the chaos and are receiving treatment.

The incident occurred when military personnel, allegedly sent by Savannah Regional Minister, Hon. Saeed Muhazu Jibril, clashed with NPP Vice-Chairman, Yakubu Mahama, a galamseyer, at Cloth, a mining community.

The military arrested Yakubu Mahama and took him to the Bole district police headquarters for questioning, sparking anger among NPP youth who demanded his release.

The military fired shots into the air to disperse the crowd, injuring the two NPP members and beating up others.

Yakubu Mahama was later released by the police, and calm has returned to Bole township.

The incident has sparked concerns about military brutality and the ongoing tensions between galamseyers and security forces in the region.

By: Iddrisu Hafiz | | Ghana

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