Ukrainian flags fly in Kherson after Russian retreat


Ukrainian flags have appeared in the key southern city of Kherson after Russia said it had completed its withdrawal of troops

All Russian soldiers were moved across the Dnipro river to the eastern bank early this morning, the defence ministry in Moscow said

No military equipment or weapons were left behind on the west bank, it added

Kherson remains the only regional capital to have been captured by Russia since the invasion began in February, so losing it is a significant blow

But the Kremlin’s spokesman denies that it’s a humiliation for Vladimir Putin when asked by the BBC

Pictures from the ground appear to show that the bridge used by Russian troops to evacuate has now been destroyed

It’s unclear what caused the bridge to collapse, some Russian sources claim that they destroyed it themselves, having completed the withdrawal process

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky said overnight that Ukrainian forces had retaken dozens of towns and villages as they advanced towards Kherson city.

Source: BBC

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