The GaDangme is a combination of ga and dangme people who shares common ancestry with similarity in language, customs and tradition. It must be stated unequivocally that there are many GaDangbe groups across Ghana and abroad of which the United Gadangme Caucus (UGC) is one of such incorporated associations.

In recent times one of the key issue that bothers the GaDangme people is the dwindling popularity of their languages. There is concerted effort to save the dying languages through scholarships for the study of the GaDangme languages at the tertiary levels and to produce Gadangme language teachers for schools in the Greater Accra region, and also the reprinting of GaDangme books for distribution.

The United Gadangme Caucus is approaching the development of the Gadangme people through political mobilization. They believe that political power holds enormous opportunities to change the fortunes of the Gadangme people quicker than any other means.

The United Gadangme Caucus is sympathetic to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and therefore fully mobilising the rank and file of the Gadangme people to get involved in the campaign to get Gadangme people to vote en block for all NDC parliamentary candidates and most of all its presidential candidate, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in the forthcoming 7th December 2024 national elections.

Tracing the political antecedents of the NDC, the Gadangme people beats their chest with pride and dignity and say that the umbilical cord of the NDC is buried in the Gadangme soil. The likes of Nathan Quao, D. F. Annan, Okaija Adamafio, E. T. Mensah, Quaynor Mettle, Anaa Ennin, but to mention a few were Gadangme people among the founding fathers. Therefore the United Gadangme Caucus is comfortably at home in the NDC.

On Sunday 14th January 2024, the United Gadangme Caucus inaugurated three (3) Constituencies with Executives of the Association. They are Amasaman, Trobu and Anyaa Sowutuom. They took the oath of office and were presented with their banners as sign for the call of duty.

At the three (3) constituencies, over 500 participants witnessed the occasion. They prayed, clapped, refreshed and danced to an overwhelming joy of the Association at their doorstep.

The Acting National Executives of the United Gadangme Caucus did not mince words when they took turn to speak to the cheering crowd that the Association will have branches across Ghana and abroad. Vocal among the speakers were Hon Nii Armah Ashietey and Hon Nii Lantey Vanderpuye. They delivered liberation messages which touched the enotions of all present.

Other leading national executives present were Dr Okpoti Nai, Hon Happy Ogboo Maccarthy, Hon Dorcas Naa K. Afotey, Hon T. T Caternor, Nii Armah Addy and a host of Assembly members, Constituency executives, and former and current parliamentary candidates.

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