US$1.4 million worth of amphetamine seized by NACOC

The Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC) has obstructed five Ghana Post branded boxes containing narcotic drugs at the Central Post Office in Accra.

The brown boxes which were set to arrive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were known to contain 150 packets of ‘Café Naijar Classic’ coffee.

Packets of seized Cafe Naijar Classic Coffee

According to NACOC, each packet in the box contained 624 tablets of narcotic drugs summing up to 93,600 tablets in all boxes with an estimated value of US$1.4 million.

Prior to the discovery of the drugs, a field test was conducted by the Commission and the tablets proved positive for amphetamine.

The drug control commission has therefore delivered samples of the drugs to the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) for an analytical examination whilst the investigation is still taking place.

The Commission has charged the general public to refrain from trafficking narcotic drugs. The Commission said engaging in drug trafficking is a ‘criminal offence.’

“We urge the general public to check the contents of parcels handed over to them before taking custody in order to be informed on the contents, especially before and during the Christmas season,” NACOC said.

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