Vakpo Senior High Technical School Honors North Dayi DCE Edmund Kudjo Attah for Transformative Contributions.

The Board, Management, and staff of Vakpo Senior High Technical School in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region have honored District Chief Executive Hon. Edmund Kudjo Attah for his significant contributions to the school’s development since assuming office.

Upon becoming DCE, Kojo Attah recognized the need to uplift and upgrade the school’s infrastructure and amenities to create a conducive teaching and learning environment. Headmistress Victoria Achorbo expressed her gratitude, highlighting the many improvements:

“From the school bus enhancing transportation, to the modern kitchen facility improving meal services, to the numerous classroom desks, tables, and chairs creating a conducive learning environment, your contributions have been immense,” she noted.

Achorbo praised the installation of marker boards that enhanced teaching experiences and the streetlights that improved nighttime safety. She also mentioned the ongoing construction of a new assembly hall and toilet facility as testaments to Attah’s commitment to the school’s development.

“Your support has not only improved our physical infrastructure but also boosted our morale and motivation. We are inspired by your dedication to education and belief in our students’ potential,” she added.

In response, DCE Edmund Kudjo Attah expressed his humility and gratitude for the recognition. “I am humbled by this unique invitation to honor my contributions to our school. This gesture motivates me to do more for humanity,” Kodjo Attah stated. He emphasized his commitment to promoting the welfare of the vulnerable and less privileged, driven by his humble beginnings and belief in the transformative power of education.

Edmund Kudjo Attah, who is seeking to represent North Dayi Constituency as a Member of Parliament, outlined his vision for education, including scholarships for needy but brilliant students, annual support for tertiary education, scholarships for disabled students, and assistance for orphans to continue their education.

By Gabriel Asempa. North Dayi District, Vakpo

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