Water Resources Commission Solicits Stakeholder Input on New Draft Legislation

The Water Resources Commission (WRC) has begun stakeholder consultations on a draft legislative instrument aimed at preventing water pollution, controlling effluent discharge, and regulating riparian buffer zones.

The instrument, which is part of the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project funded by the World Bank, seeks to empower the WRC to effectively regulate the water sector and promote sustainable artisanal small-scale mining.

According to Bob Alfa, Acting Executive Director of WRC, the commission is committed to enhancing landscape restoration and strengthening institutions to safeguard the country’s water resources.

Michael Dawutey, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project, explained that the project aims to promote integrated landscape management and strengthen institutions to ensure the rightful use and preservation of land and natural resources.

Stakeholders from the agricultural and mining sectors, Forestry Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Minerals Commission, traditional authorities, and non-governmental organizations attended the consultation.

The WRC is soliciting input from stakeholders to ensure that the legislation is effective in protecting Ghana’s water resources. The commission has emphasized the need for robust regulations to prevent water pollution and degradation of riparian buffer zones.

The stakeholders’ input will be critical in shaping the final legislation, which is expected to be presented to Parliament for passage soon.

The Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project aims to promote sustainable mining practices and protect the environment.

By: Abdul Basit Suleman | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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