We need to sensitize the population on security – Richard Ahiagbah

We need to sensitize the population on security – Richard Ahiagbah

Richard Ahiagbah, erstwhile Executive Director of Danquah Institute, has raised concerns about the country’s security, urging Ghanaians to prioritize their personal security.

According to him, the populace should be taught to be security curious and ensure their safety

The comment follows armed robbers shooting to death, a police officer, and an eyewitness, during a robbery incident involving a bullion van at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra, Monday.

Eyewitnesses say the police officer was providing security for the van while the young lady was a bystander who witnessed the incident.

The driver of the van also sustained severe injuries.

Metro News gathers that the van carrying an unknown amount of cash was trailed by some notorious men in a taxi and on a motorbike.

When the bullion van got to a less crowded place, the robbers attacked the vehicle by firing indiscriminately at it, killing the police officer on board immediately.

The incident shook the foundations of the country with majority of Ghanaians expressing they are living in fear amid robbery attacks.

Speaking about the incident on Metro TV Tuesday morning, Mr. Ahiagbah said “the issue of security is a going concern. You can never arrive at a place where you say security in your country is absolute and therefore you have solved all your security problems that are never going to happen in any country.”

“What it means is that continuously we must look at our security measures, intensify where the lapses are [and] strengthen them.”

“What’s key is to sensitize the population and maybe some of these moments that we use to drive the discussion that security in its essence is collative, so, we must look at other eyes complementing the security agencies to try to provide the level of security we all want or deserve as citizens,” he told Randy Abbey on Good Morning Ghana.



There is a rise in insecurity and crimes in the country. 

Last week, a 23-year-old student journalist was allegedly stabbed to death by her female friend at a hotel in Accra.

The deceased, Priscilla Tsegah, had lodged in the hotel for two days.

The student’s body was found in the hotel room after her family had declared her missing, and mounted a search for her.

Also, in an appalling event, some unknown men gunned down a man at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra.

Mr. Ahiagbah said calls for the police to step up and apply intelligence in executing their duty to protect the civilians from attacks.

He urged the police service to be proactive in fighting crime to restore calm in the country.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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