Wizkid apologizes for no show at debut live concert in Accra

Wizkid has apologised for failing to appear at his live concert in Ghana on December 10.

The Nigerian Afrobeats star stated in a tweet that he will not make such a decision without a reason.

Born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun intimated that his decision not to go was well-considered.

“Ghana is a country I hold so dear to my heart, first and foremost I wanna apologise to all my fans! Y’all know I would never do anything, without a serious reasoning behind it.

“My brand is something I don’t joke with! I sincerely apologise to everyone who made the effort to come out to me last night. I was charged up, looking forward to doing this show.

“However, please understand that every decision I made co-sided with honoring my fans and would only make a drastic decision like this because it was the right to do and I had to,” he tweeted on Sunday.

Wizkid stated that his team is working hard to put on a show for his incredible Ghanaian fans.

He stated that the specifics would be communicated soon.

On Sunday, December 10, 2022, the Afrobeats star was scheduled to perform at Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana.

Despite the large turnout of admirers, Wizkid refused to attend the show. Most of his supporters were dissatisfied as a result.

Nonetheless, Live Hub Entertainment, the event’s organisers, stated in a statement that the performer violated a contractual agreement by failing to appear at the concert.

Patrons of Live Hub entertainment were guaranteed a full return of their payments.

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