2024 polls:Nana Kojo Amoah II calls for peaceful elections

2024 polls:Nana Kojo Amoah II calls for peaceful elections

Nana Kojo Amoah II, Mawurehene of Aburi Tesenne in the Eastern Region has called for a peaceful election to ensure Ghana remains strong and united after the December polls.

According to him, the processes before and during the election must be transparent to engender the confidence of all and sundry.

He further reiterated that no one hates the Electoral Commission but he wants it to do its work in a manner that will ensure a free, fair and transparent election.

He said choosing a leader among the various contestants should not be a fight between political parties who were seeking to improve the livelihood of the people.

The chief who was speaking at a press conference in Accra, as the leader of the Aburi Tesenne Community, said the contest for political power must not divide us as a people.

The Aburi Tesenne said it was important for political actors to be tolerant to divergent views and conduct their campaigns devoid of insults and character assassination, which could trigger conflict.

Ensuring a peaceful election, he said, was a civic responsibility that every citizen must embrace to consolidate Ghana’s democratic credentials.

“Let us contribute to a peaceful election by encouraging our friends and families, especially the youth to stay away from political violence”, he advised.

“The Electoral Commission(EC) must be fair to ensure that 2024 is free and fair,they must maintain December 7 as the day of voting, Changing it will cause chaos.”

He particularly appealed for peace in the Ghanaian community ahead of the election, saying that the residents were one people and should not allow politics to take away the bond that united them.

Nana Kojo Amoah II, counseled the electorates to avoid anything that could disturb the peace on Election Day by staying home after voting and allowing accredited party agents and the police to protect the ballot.

He admonished Ghanaians to be law-abiding and contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the country.

Source: Richard Obeng Bediako ll Metrotvonline.com ll Ghana

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