Multiple people arrested at Occupy Julorbi House demonstration

Multiple people arrested at Occupy Julorbi House demonstration

The #occupiedjubileehouse protest organizers were arrested after they carried out their demonstration in contravention of a police request for an injunction that was made in court. The protest was scheduled to take place at the Jubilee House, the seat of government.

As soon as they began the capital’s 37 neighborhood protest march, they were detained.

Demonstrations were scheduled to take place near the Jubilee House from September 21 to 23, 2023, according to the organizers, Democracy Hub. However, the police said in a statement that they had filed an application for an injunction at the court and were waiting for its decision before taking any further action.

The group expressed its disappointment at the “partisan attempts by the Police to disrupt peaceful and democratic mobilization for our upcoming Occupy Jubilee House picket.”

Therefore, the group advised the public to ignore the police notification and show up at the 37 Trotro Station on Thursday, September 21, for the protest.

Nevertheless, as the protest was being planned, police detained three of the Democracy Hub organizers and took them into custody. The three Vormawor lads, whose names were Simon Kudjo, Kojo Ackah, and Kwami Dzata, were detained for allegedly taking part in a “illegal” protest.

The Accra Regional Police Command claims that the Vormawor lads broke the Public Order Act, which mandates that protest planners notify the police and get their approval before holding a protest.

According to the authorities, because the Democracy Hub organizers did not secure this permit, their planned protest was unlawful and in violation of the law.

Additionally, the police warned the public to always seek permissions before staging protests and that those who were detained will face legal consequences for their crimes.

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