Northern Regional Budget Officer worried about region’s low revenue mobilization

The Northern Regional Budget Officer has bemoaned the inability of assemblies in the region to generate revenue to support its developmental activities.

Mahamud Haruna said this at a budget and revenue generation summit of Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region

Almost all the assemblies in Ghana are finding it extremely difficult to meet their revenue targets, most especially the rural assemblies due to their limited revenue generation sources.

This has adverse effects on many assemblies because they are forced to depend on funding from the central government which is always not sufficient and timely to address the developmental challenges of the various assemblies across the country.

This is however more worrying when the Northern Region, the country’s third-biggest economy, is performing badly, as compared to regions below it economically.

A day summit was therefore organized by Norsaac with funding from OXFAM to dialogue with stakeholders to find out why assemblies within the Northern region are not performing well in terms of revenue mobilization.

On his part, Northern regional budget officer, Mahamud Haruna said there’s something fundamentally wrong with the Sagnarigu municipality, the 5th most populated assembly in the country, looking at its performance in terms of mobilizing revenue for the assembly which he said pragmatic measures should be put in place to change the narrative.

The regional budget officer could not understand why the Northern region should perform behind regions like the Upper West and Volta regions.

By: Alhassan D Baba | | Ghana

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