#OccupyBoG demo: More protests in the offing – Kwesi Pratt

Seasoned Ghanaian Journalist, Kwesi Pratt Jr., is foreseeing a wave of protests to hit Ghana from now to March next year.

Mr. Pratt said citizens will be emboldened to participate in protests to vent their disgust at the current state of the country.

“My prediction is that we will experience a lot more demonstrations. The demonstrations are going to multiply,” the veteran journalist said on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

The Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper highlighted a number of incidents he believes will trigger Ghanaians to hit the streets and protest.

“Demonstrations went out of season for some time, I think they are coming back in season and they will continue and they will get bigger. You mark it. From now to March next year there will be much much (sic) bigger demonstrations, and much more citizen participation. People will be emboldened to express themselves and I’m expecting a lot more demonstrations between now and March-April next year,” Mr. Pratt noted.

“Mark it. it will happen,” he said “I have no doubt. There will be a lot more demonstrations, bigger demonstrations. People expressing their views, and disgust for things happening in the community. I’m told that another group for example is notifying the police of its intention to demonstrate against the police,” he added.

According to him, “Workers whose salary hasn’t been paid for some time will demonstrate, the appeals of human rights will draw people to the streets. It is possible that students will demonstrate against the conditions in our educational institution as well as the constantly increasing prices of petroleum products will draw people to the streets.”

“The issues that will draw people to the streets are many,” Kwesi Pratt mentioned “The general insecurity in our country, bad roads, and in fact, the demonstration of bad roads have already started. You saw the massive demonstration in Ashaiman.”

By: Emmanuella Laryea | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana


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