Our customs against same-sex marriage – Sophia Akuffo

Our customs against same-sex marriage – Sophia Akuffo

Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo has shared her thoughts on the current discussion in Ghana about LGBTQ+ rights.

She stresses the value of upholding the nation’s traditions and customs, but she also emphasizes the necessity of inclusiveness and polite conversation.

Speaking in an interview on Metro TV on December 25, 2023, the former Chief Justice stated “As Ghanaians, we have our traditions, we have our traditional and customary practices, which certainly do not, as far as I know in almost 75 years of my age, include men marrying men.

“Therefore, I cannot accept the idea of men marrying men or women marrying women, as it goes against our cultural norms.”

“I have not been told that in my customs, men marry men, and therefore, I can also choose to marry a woman. You know, I have not come upon that, and I will not accept that either,” she declared.

It is important to note that since August 2021, lawmakers in Ghana have been debating a bill that aims to make same-sex relationships, being transgender, and supporting LGBTQ rights crimes.

Many MPs in Ghana have supported the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, which calls for jail terms of up to 10 years for those who support LGBTQ rights.

The bill, which is supported by traditional and religious leaders, calls for publishing content that is deemed pro-LGBTQ or that questions traditional binary gender identities to be prosecuted.

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