Richmond Amoakoh writes: Open letter to President Akufo-Addo

Richmond Amoakoh writes: Open letter to President Akufo-Addo

Dear President Akufo Addo,

I trust you are doing well. I write to you today as someone who followed you keenly on your journey to become a President.

I believed in you so much and voted happily for you every single time you contested for the seat of the Presidency.

Unfortunately, like many Ghanaians today, I am filled with broken heart, disappointment, anger and sadness as I write you this letter.

Sir, you said many things on your way to becoming the President and sadly the reality of today is worse than the situations you passionately spoke against.

Your recent responses to the plight of Ghanaians on your tours have been very disappointing and insulting to say the least.

We are the very same people you begged to give you a chance to redeem the image and dire economic times of the past.

The current situation of the country when measured against your own words, and that of Dr Bawumia, on your way to the Presidency is laughable.

When you had to sit and change the things for which we voted for you, you were busy blaming President Mahama for years.

After exhausting the “Mahama card”, you went to Covid and then straight to Russia Ukraine war.

Mr President, reasonable Ghanaians are not oblivious of these factors and it’s impact on Ghana and the rest of the world but we should be doing way better than we are doing today.

I am saying this because the man Candidate Akufo-Addo as President was touted as someone who could turn around our fortunes as a people.

However, I must say many Ghanaians including me do not believe you can look in the mirror and say you have done your very best for the country.

I do not believe you are happy about your numerous promises to the Ghanaian people especially the youth against your performance as a President.

Mr. President, you have failed the youth and the swan-song is “Nana Addo ama yɛn sa asi fɔm”.

The booing you have been receiving on your recent tours is actually how people feel about you.

Do not let your handlers deceive you that NDC is behind that because they are not.

When journalists call you out, do not let your handlers tell you such journalists have been paid by some people to discredit you.

Sir, please do not let the few people that your party executives and appointees organize to flood places to meet you on your tour with cheers deceive you.

Mr. President, those are merely party fanatics who do not represent genuinely how many Ghanaians feel about the current economic crisis Ghana faces.

A lot of Ghanaians I have encountered both on my travels across Ghana and on social media are not happy.

Mr. President, you know deep down that you could have done better. You know deep down that we shouldn’t be where we are today.

You know that you could have done better in your fight against corruption and Galamsey.

Sir, you know you could have protected the public purse better and could have acted in the best interest of Ghana, not a few party people and financiers, and damned the consequences because that is the kind of person we thought you were.

A lot of people including me were wrong about the disciplined and “no nonsense” Akufo-Addo we were told about.

Mr. President, I am convinced you being defensive and pushing the “I don’t care” posture is your way of dealing with how you feel deep down about your performance as President.

You don’t seem to care because you know you have failed the many youth you told to “Believe In Ghana”.

It is unacceptable but we can understand because you won’t be on the ballot again after this term.

However, Mr. President, please do better and salvage the situation.

You cannot go out like this after all the fight you have fought to get to where you are today.

May God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.


The author of this piece, is a corporate emcee, comedian and an actor, Citizen Richmond Amoakoh aka Lawyer Ntikateche Bombay Isaiah.

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