Security Analyst to contest Saboba seat as independent candidate

Security Analyst to contest Saboba seat as independent candidate

Security Analyst Emmanuel Kotin has promised to unite the rank and file of all tribes and families in Saboba constituency of the Northern region.

Declaring his intention to contest as an independent candidate in upcoming elections in Saboba, the security expert believed the insecurity in the area is affecting development in Saboba and its environs.

Thousands of people in the Saboba constituency of the Northern region are optimistic about Emmanuel Kotin, the security expert winning the seat in the upcoming parliamentary elections even though he is contesting on an independent ticket

Emmanuel Kotin believed the divisive nature of both NDC and NPP in the Saboba constituency is hurting the very foundation of humanity in the area, pledging to work tirelessly to bring everybody together for development in the constituency.

He added that the lack of development in the area is a threat to human development and the very existence of the people in the area.

The Independent candidate said that even though he was unjustifiably disqualified during the 2019 NPP parliamentary primaries in the Saboba constituency, he was made so many promises by the party if they win power but none of them, according to him, has been fulfilled, which, he said he cannot continue to waste his talent on a political party that doesn’t believe in him, calling on residents of Saboba, and beyond to rally behind him to rescue the constituency from the hands of the NPP and the NDC, who have been occupying the seat since its creation.

Speaking to some constituents of the Saboba constituency, they believed Emmanuel Kotin is a better alternative to the NPP and NDC in the constituency because he sees and treats everyone equally no matter their political colouration.

By: Alhassan D Baba | | Ghana

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