80% Of Ghanaian Young Women Having ‘Raw’ Sex – GSS

80% Of Ghanaian Young Women Having ‘Raw’ Sex – GSS

The Ghana Statistical Service’s (GSS) 2022 Demographic and Health Survey found that almost 80% of young women in Ghana participate in unprotected sexual encounters, or raw sex.

They are aware that using condoms can lower their chance of catching HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but this is nonetheless the case, the survey claims.

According to the GSS survey, 79% of women between the ages of 15 and 24 are aware that using condoms consistently will improve their general health.

Women made up two thirds of all new HIV infections in Ghana, according to a report released by the AIDS Commission in August 2023.

Additionally, it said that 5,647 cases involved men and 10,927 cases involved women among the 16,574 new HIV infections that were reported in 2022.

17.5% of married males reported having two or more partners, and 18.4% reported having intercourse with someone who wasn’t their spouse or cohabiting partner.


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