Australia’s Assistant Foreign Minister in Ghana for two-day visit

Australia’s Assistant Foreign Minister in Ghana for two-day visit

The Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia, the Honourable Tim Watts, MP has arrived in Ghana for a two-day visit.

His visit, among others will focus on Australia-Ghana relations including meetings with a range of Ghanaian government ministers and engagements with Australian companies.

Minister Watts earlier today, saw first-hand the work of The Hunger Project, Australia which is funding the Akode Epicentre focussed on improving livelihoods, and will visit Australian-Ghanaian clothing company, YEVU Clothing, which is empowering Ghanaian women to bring Ghana’s dynamic textile designs to Australian consumers.

The Hunger Project Australia, is funding the Akode Epicentre, established in 2010 in the Okere District in the Eastern region of Ghana.

With key facilities including a health clinic, vocational training centre, ICT centre, and community bank, the Epicentre services five communities who have partnered together to deliver programs and projects to their community members.

The Hunger Project Australia is a subsidiary of global non-profit organisation The Hunger Project,

which is committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

The program is delivered in 22 countries, including Ghana.

The Hunger Project mission is to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable,

grassroots, women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption.



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