Concerned Youth of NPP in Akroso call for investigation into “missing” nomination forms

Concerned Youth of NPP in Akroso call for investigation into “missing” nomination forms

A group calling itself, Concerned Youth of NPP in Asene-Manso Akroso Constituency in Eastern Region, is demanding investigation into strange dissapearance of two nomination forms for the parliamentary primaries.

The youth argue that three nomination forms were sent to the constituency by the party, however, two of the nominations forms suddenly disappeared after the incumbent Member of Parliament Paul Bamfo picked one of the forms.

All efforts by other known aspirants to pick the forms proved futile forcing some to pick forms at the regional level.

According to the youth, the Constituency Chairman Samuel Effah disclosed that all three forms were purchased in the early hours of December 20 by the incumbent MP, Mr. Paul Bamfo, and Mr. Alex Ofori.

However, it appears that only one form has been filed raising eyebrows and prompting an investigation into the whereabouts of the missing documents.

Upon questioning, Mr. Bamfo asserted that he had no knowledge of any form he allegedly purchased and expressed his surprise at the chairman’s claims.

He emphasized that the constituency chairman should have approached him for clarification before making such statements.

“Official releases have confirmed the names of individuals who legitimately purchased nomination forms, except for the two individuals from our constituency. Chairman Effah, after obtaining images of their payment receipts from the constituency youth organiser, confirmed their purchases. Frustration among constituents is palpable, with concerns about a potential pattern of mismanagement—highlighted by previous incidents involving missing funds belonging to the disabled community in the constituency,” Gershon Sampson, leader of the youth group said.

The uncertainty surrounding the missing forms adds complexity to an already intricate attempt to manipulate the electoral process for the incumbent Member of Parliament

As the youth awaits answers, Chairman Effah is urged to address the discrepancies and provide a clear account of the situation.

According to the the youth, “the fate of the missing nomination forms remains a critical aspect of ensuring the integrity and fairness of the democratic process in our constituency. Vigilance among constituents is encouraged to safeguard the democratic principles that form the foundation of our society”.

By: Kofi Adjei | | Ghana

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