Corruption disgusts me – NPP flagbearer hopeful

A presidential candidate hopeful for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) says corruption has no fertile grounds to breed when he dwells and he is poised to eradicate it when he assumes the high office.

Kwadwo Nsafuah Poku believes the sole antidote to corruption-related crimes in the country is fear and he will deploy the necessary measures to end it.

“I am disgusted by corruption. It disgusts me. When someone says they’re disgusted by corruption it means it churns their stomach,” he explained.

Sitting down with Annie Afua Ampofo on Good Afternoon Ghana on Metro TV, the NPP flagbearer hopeful branded Ghanaian politicians, civil servants, and technocrats as rent-seekers, explaining “they don’t add value but they want to take.”

 “Politicians, civil servants, and technocrats reap what they do not sow,” he opined.

“People want to go from zero to hundred overnight. My grandfather had a lot of houses in Bubuashie. Bubuashie is a nice place but today a kid who lives in Bubuashie aspires to live in East Legon. When they are even trying to do something they are not looking at one-zero or two-zero,” he stressed.

“The level of corruption we see in Ghana is at a magnitude that churns your stomach that’s why it disgusts me and that’s why I have zero tolerance for it,” Mr. Poku added.

Treating corruption as a menace, Kwadwo Nsafuah Poku said he will focus on prison and justice reforms and build the biggest West African prison in Ghana.

“There are 32 million people in Ghana if you want to separate the good, the criminal, and the bad, we need to find a much bigger place for the criminal and the bad. “

“The only thing that can stop the rot in this country is fear. Even the Bible tells that there should be fear. The fear is by punishing the criminals — making sure that people go to jail – get sentenced. Apart from our fathers Kwame Preprah them go to jail when was the last time you heard someone go to jail?” he wondered.

Again, Mr. Kwadwo Nsafua Poku said the fight against corruption seems like a mere lipservice and that explains why the nation is corruption-ridden.

He, however, noted that he will halt its practice with his policies.




By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana


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