Demonstration Should Not Be Seen As Troublemaking – CHRAJ Boss

The Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, Joseph Whittal says there is a right for protestors to demonstrate on national issues and demonstration should not be seen as troublemakers.

In an interview with the Media during their health walk at the celebration of CHRAJ’s 30th anniversary, Mr. Joseph Whittal stated that the people protesting were just letting the government know that they were not happy with certain policies brought forward by the government.

He said that our forefathers gave the people the right to demonstrate which is in the Constitution.

Adding to this, he said the advisory that the commission has the right to do is to advise the central government and local government officials as to how their works infringe on the rights of the people.

Mr. Joseph Whittal therefore urged the government to prioritise health as they have prioritised education as health is very critical among humans.

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