Drivers to pay road toll electronically – Roads Minister

Drivers to pay road toll electronically – Roads Minister

Minister of Roads and Highways has stated that when the levy is reinstated in 2023, it will no longer be collected by humans.

Kwesi Amoako-Atta said road tolls will be collected electronically.

“We are going to build modern expressway which will come with tolling facilities but those tolling facilities will be electronic tolling facility… if it has to come, it will be done electronically,” he said.

Mr. Amoako-Atta urged road users to be willing to pay more for tolls in order for the government to build sufficiently good roads.

“The whole year, we were getting an average of GH₵78 million depending upon the ground condition, that amount of money cannot even build 10km of road. We were paying the lowest toll in the whole world. Meanwhile, we want excellent and good roads in our country.

“We want good things, we must be prepared to pay for more. We will no longer be paying the 50 pesewas and ₵1.”

In November 2021, the government announced the abolition of vehicle toll collection on all major roadways around the country.

One year later, the administration reversed course to resume toll collecting.

One of the revenue-generating proposals in the 2023 budget statement and economic policy proposed to Parliament was the reinstatement of the road toll.

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