Economic turmoil not peculiar to Ghana – Tabiru Mahama

Economic turmoil not peculiar to Ghana – Tabiru Mahama

The Technical Advisor to the Vice President Dr. Tiah Abdul Kabiru Mahama says blaming the dire state of the country’s economy solely on the government is unfair because external factors play a major role.

Dr. Mahama said several factors including fuel prices at the global market is contributing to the high inflation which is causing the current economic hardship.

During his submission on Good Morning Ghana on Tuesday morning, he poured cold water on the assertion shared by a section of Ghanaians championed by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that mismanagement on the part of government is to be blamed for the untold hardship on Ghanaians.

He admitted to the economic turmoil but strongly rejects its politicization, arguing that placing the mess at the doorstep of the government is unreservedly wrong.

“I cannot sit here as a government employee trying to justify that Ghanaians should bear with the 34-35 inflation (sic) we’re having because we have not got to the era of 122% inflation yet. It is not justifiable,” he said.

“But when people want to do politics with it, it’s incumbent on us to explain that; it is a difficult time, but when you want to go on with that rage and want to blame everything on the government and present yourself as the alternative or best solution this country will have, it is also important we explain that inflation is driven by fuel prices,” the Technical Advisor to the Vice President positioned.

“Fuel prices are driven by global demand and supply. It is not just here (Ghana),” Dr, Mahama explained.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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