Election 2024: UCF rallies behind NDC to ensure maximum voter registration

Election 2024: UCF rallies behind NDC to ensure maximum voter registration

The United Cadres Front (UCF) has called on its members to support the limited voter registration exercise being conducted by the Electoral Commission.

In a statement, the UCF leadership urged all Cadres to assist the National Democratic Congress (NDC) executives at all levels in ensuring that all eligible citizens register to vote in the upcoming general elections on December 7, 2024.

“The leadership of the United Cadres Front have urged all Cadres to assist the Executives of the NDC, from national to branch levels, in ensuring that all citizens of 18 years and above turn up to register during this period of limited registration exercise by the Electoral Commission”

The UCF is encouraging its members to comb every electoral area to encourage qualified persons to register and exercise their civic responsibility.

Additionally, they are tasked with helping party executives identify and resist individuals and groups who may attempt to register in constituencies where they do not reside for political gain.

“Combing the nooks and crannies at every Electoral Area, Cadres must encourage qualified persons
to appreciate their civic responsibility to register in order to exercise their franchise, especially during the forthcoming General Elections slated for 7th December, 2024.”

” Equally, Cadres are urged to help Party Executives in identifying and resisting strange individuals and groups who are often bused to register in Constituencies which are not their own, but for
needless political advantage,” the statement noted.

“The UCF leadership is counting on the selfless and dedicated service of its members to promote democracy and push the frontiers of democratic values in the country”

By: Bright Yao Dzakah | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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