Elikplim Akurugu to contest Dome-Kwabenya NDC parliamentary primaries

Elikplim Akurugu to contest Dome-Kwabenya NDC parliamentary primaries

The 2020 National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Dome-Kwabenya, Elikplim Akurugu, has announced her intentions to once again contest for the position.

She is expected to contest in the NDC parliamentary primaries scheduled for May 13, 2023.

Elikplim Akurugu is optimistic winning the parliamentary primary she will flip the constituency who come out NPP to vote for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Announcing her intentions in a letter to the party’s constituency chairman, Madam Elikplim Akurugu said her candidature is crucial to winning the Dome-Kwabenya seat for the very first time, referring to her performance as the best-performing candidate in the history of the NDC in Dome-Kwabenya to buttress her point.

In the run-up to the general elections in 2020, I set out five strategic goals as critical to the success of the Victory 2020 agenda. Together with the grassroots of our Party, we achieved four out of the five goals. Though we failed to garner majority of votes in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections, we were able to increase our votes from 29,392, in 2016, to 52,262 in 2020 in the Parliamentary election. This is no mean achievement.

“Our Party Prides itself as the best performing Government in the fourth Republic. After the NPP Government’s mismanagement of the economy since 2017, Ghanaians are yearning for the NDC to resoue them. In 2024, we need to win the general elections to preserve, protect and defend the Pride of our Party. To achieve this feat, we need to elect tried and tested candidates with the requisite pedigree for victory 2024,” she added.

Madam Elikplim Akurugu further pledged to conduct her campaign in peace and tranquility.

“I appeal to you to ensure that we all abide by the NDC Constitution and the Guidelines on the conduct of Presidential and Parliamentary Primaries issued by the General Secretary. I look forward to working with the Constituency Executive Committee, the Wards and Branches,” she noted.

She added that “I remain committed to the course of the NDC and hope you accept the assurances of my highest consideration.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana





  • Together we will Seth the records straight on Dome Kwabenya, with Elikplim Akurugu we are going all out to work for victory come 2024.she is a hard working woman n she can do it.

  • Elikplim Akurugu is the best candidate to win the seat in Dome Kwabenya constituency for NDC.

  • Madam Elikplim Akurugu with her humbleness, respect, love for her constituency and the constituents came to the aid of the people and families during the Covid 19 era and that is a precedent of a concern and a caring leader even though she was not an MP and I think she will do more than the constituenst can expect if she is given the nod.

    Again, she has been tried and tested by the constituents and she performed very well by acquiring the highest vote ever in the constituency for the party.

    She will be a good MP for the constituency, so the delegates shouldn’t make a mistake but rather vote massively for her to lead the part come 2024.

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