HATOF Foundation Calls for Collective Action on International Day for BioDiversity

HATOF Foundation, an international environmental Non Governmental Organization (NGO) , has called on various stakeholders for a collaborative effort in ensuring sustainable evnironment.

In a press release signed by Ambassador Samuel Dotse (PhD), CEO of HATOF, it emphasized the crucial role local communities play in conserving and preserving the natural world.

The statement was issued in commemoration of the 2024 International Day for Biological Diversity under the theme, “Be Part of the Plan”As the globe grapples with the intertwined crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and waste, especially the escalating threat of plastic pollution, HATOF Foundation emphasized the urgency of immediate action in safeguarding the environment.

It therefore called on all relevant stakeholders to rally behind the foundation’s goal of preserving the natural environment for sustainable development.

The call serves as a rallying cry for a concerted effort across all sectors of society.”Government, the media, political establishments, local authorities, traditional rulers, religious organizations, let us all be part of the PLAN to protect and restore our planet’s precious biodiversity,” the release stated. It further highlighted the dire consequences of habitat destruction and species extinction and called for the adoption of sustainable practices, a reduction in carbon footprints, and the advocacy for policies that prioritize environmental health.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) the world produces about 400 million tones of plastic waste annually with a global production of primary plastic projected to be about 1,100 million tonnes yearly by 2050.

In Ghana, several attempts have been made to ensure proper use and disposal of plastic waste with the introduction of waste management policies, state institutions and waste collection companies, however the challenge still exists.

This menace has led to blocked drainage systems leading to flooding in many communities with the least amount of rainfall.

HATOF Foundation which currently operates in Ghana and Canada believes that a collective action can play a pivotal role in curbing the Menace According to the organization, preservation of life on Earth, promotion of a sustainable and clean ecosystem for all largely depends on efforts made to ensure safe clean environment.

The organization thus made an impassioned plea to call on every individual and organization to join in making a significant impact.

“Let us work together and provide a conducive environment for all living things TODAY and for the present generation and those yet to be born” it stated.

By: Emmanuel Mensah-Praize

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