I’m Proud of My Nose -Akrobeto

I’m Proud of My Nose -Akrobeto

Popular Kumawood actor Akrobeto has fired back at critics suggesting he should undergo nose plastic surgery, saying he is proud of his nose.

According to him, his distinctive nose is not a cause for concern for him.

“I breathe easily… I cannot get sick. I don’t even need oxygen  at the hospital. I can really breathe lots of air. My nose doesn’t choke. I would rather eat at the chop bar (local restaurant) with the money,” he stated.

“No matter what, you will die in life… it’s okay to look good, but you can die anytime. No one can escape death. You will definitely grow, you cannot ageing. What didn’t Michael Jackson do? But where is he now? Gone,” he added.

Akrobeto’s refusal to conform to societal beauty standards resonates with some fans who admire his authenticity and confidence.

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