Metro News gets results: McDan provides aid to Ekutukrom Community

Metro News gets results: McDan provides aid to Ekutukrom Community

Following Metro News reports, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, popularly known as McDan, the Chief Executive Officer of McDan Group of Companies has provided 60 bags of cement and a cash prize to the Ekutukrom community in the Mfantseman Constituency.

This comes after 15 houses in the community were damaged due to the activities of Q3 Quarry Company Limited, a subsidiary of the McDan Group of Companies.

The Assemblyman for Anomabo-Nsanfo Electoral Area, Moses Kow Asare, praised Metro News for their efforts.

Residents of Ekutukrom in Mfantseman Constituency, Central Region, had been experiencing the negative effects of quarry activities, including collapsing and weakening buildings due to excessive blasting of rocks.

A year ago, the chiefs and elders of the farming community Ekutukrom complained to Metro News about the danger to their lives and the damage to their buildings.

They had made several complaints to the Assembly and the management of Q3 Company about the negative effects of their quarry mining activity, but to no avail.

Speaking to Assemblyman, Moses Kow Asare, he praised Metro News for their efforts in bringing attention to the issue and securing aid for the community.

By: Isaac Dadzie | | Ghana

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