Organised labour, government negotiation ends inconclusively

Organised labour, government negotiation ends inconclusively

A meeting between Organised labour and the government on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, ended conclusively.

According to reports, the just-ended meeting is the ninth engagement to negotiate public service workers’ base percentage.

The National Public Relations lead for the team, Aminu A. Mohammed disclosed that the government still proposed 20% but was rejected by Organized Labour.

Mr Mohammed said the government subsequently went into a long caucus meeting and later called the leadership of Organized Labour for a compromise in order to ensure that the agreed Base Pay rate can be incorporated into the January salary of workers by CAGD by Friday, 13th January 2023.

“Government later proposed 25% Base Pay for 2023 while Organized Labour gave a cut-off rate of 35% which was later reduced to 30%.”

However, the government was not able to decide on the 30% on Wednesday, therefore the meeting was postponed to today, Thursday, 12th January 2023 for final determination.

The government was represented by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, the Ministry of Finance and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.


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