Police Arrest 7 Physician Assistants For Picketing For Jobs

Police Arrest 7 Physician Assistants For Picketing For Jobs

It has emerged that seven members of a group of physician assistants have been arrested by the police.

According to reports, the group was picketing at the Ministry of Health over their delayed postings after completing school.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the group breached an earlier agreement over their mode of picketing. The Physician Assistants allegedly flouted the original agreement with the police which was to converge outside the Accra Sports Stadium and not to picket at the Ministry of Health.

“We were waiting to have some form of negotiations with leaders of the Ministry. So we were waiting to be called when one of the Police Officers came and asked if I am one of the leaders and I said No, and they called the other names and said the police command wants to see them at the Police station,” Stephen Conduah explained to Citi News.

According to the group, there have been delays in processes by the Ministry of Health to ensure that they are posted to health centers across the country.


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