The Day The Evil Forces Conspired To, Desecrate, Disgrace, Dismember & Dismantle The Spirit Of NDC.

The Day The Evil Forces Conspired To, Desecrate, Disgrace, Dismember & Dismantle The Spirit Of NDC.

Another Sunday has arisen out of the womb of God’s merciful creation, and as has become custom, I am unable to begin the new week without rolling up my sleeves, corking my fingers and letting go the sounds of my thoughts.

As a Wednesday born, I hold the day sacrosanct, and especially now that I have upped the antenna of my spiritual radars, I do not take happenings on Wednesdays for granted.

Last week Wednesday, no matter how much I may have wanted to pay attention to more personal pressing matters, towards the end of the day, certain messages wafted across the isles of the airwaves and the equilibrium of my eardrums could not help playing host to some sound bites.

I have said in a deluge of ways that, my association with the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has got nothing to do with any individual nor group; it has all to do with, Myself and my God-given destiny.

As a boy growing up in Burma-Camp and being in the heart and heat of the, June 4, 1979, Uprising, and the December 31, 1981, Revolution, the cutting of my political umbilical cord has all to do with the plethora of events of those turbulent and turgid moments.

I know Officers and Men who “fell” during those moments; I was in school with friends whose fathers “fell”; I know families that got dislocated; I know my personal traumatic experiences; I know what ghastly things Mother Ghana  went through.

Waking up to shrill, piercing and vibrating sounds of, “Probity and Accountability” , “Power to the People”, “Ghana People Make You Stand Up Make You Fight For Your Rights”, “We No Go Sit Down Make Them Cheat Us Everyday”; my political socialization found roots, and, is still encapsulated in a mindset that abhors all forms of naked robbery of the State.

Existing in a coterminous relational form with the State, ipso facto, we exist to benefit from the State and the State exists to benefit from us – no more no less!!!

The abhorrence therefore, is glued to despicable acts that find space within spheres of the naked consciousness with which people “conspire with nature” to allow good conscience to “give way” to blatant thievery.

When a Social Democratic Party, built on the solid ethos of, Probity and Accountability, shamelessly promotes the “killing of the national game” and “arguing to share the meat”, it becomes a revolting abomination to what the Uprising and Revolution stood for.

On a day that the Running Mate was being outdoored (I was a key player when we did same for John Mahama in 2008 with tact, finesse and zero controversy), I cannot stop being shocked at how such a reckless and politically suicidal statement could find space as a Policy Statement.

When in the face of the nation and the world, the National Chairman of the NDC, in the presence of the Leader (a former President of the Republic of Ghana ), gloats with glee that it would not be long before the opportunity will come for them to “argue over sharing the meat”, I cannot help but remember those creepy nights of 1979 and 1981, when as a boy, I clung onto strands of life.

How low can Johnson Kwadwo Asiedu-Nketiah stoop?

What was he seeking to achieve apart from, Desecrating, Disgracing, Dismembering and Dismantling the spirit of the NDC?

Rawlings is dead so let us kill the spirit of the original NDC and build another NDC around a demonic spirit of, “Kill, Argue and Share” the corollary of, Create, Loot and Share?

Is this how low the NDC ship has sunk (deeper than the Titanic) under the colourless Leadership of John Dramani Mahama? Damn!!!

I am shocked to the marrow as I cringe at the thought of people seeing political power as a “game” that must be “hunted” and then “shared” like the spoils of war.

This is certainly NOT the NDC I joined; this is NOT the NDC of Jerry John Rawlings; this is NOT the NDC of John Evans Atta-Mills; this is NOT the NDC of Kofi Awoonor; this is NOT the NDC of Kojo Tsikata, this is NOT the NDC of D.F. Annan; this is NOT the NDC of Mary Grant; this is NOT the NDC of A.A. Munufie; this is NOT the NDC of Issifu Ali; and this is certainly NOT the NDC that was formed my the cadres of the Revolution with the stoic female support of the 31st December Women’s Movement.

So, whose NDC is this?

Honestly, this question should be answered by those who know because I do not know and do not wish to know.

Once upon a time, some of us walked with pride and dignity because we loved and appreciated what the NDC stood for; today, we still love NDC but some highway robbers have robbed us of our pride and dignity.

I ask, in a fair amount of trepidation (not because I am a coward but because of the snare that stares us in the face as a nation), if the status-quo is saddled with challenges and the alternative is pointing at us with guns to, “kill the game” of political power and “argue over sharing of the meat”, whither goeth the Motherland?

Not too long ago, meat that was bequeathed (34 months single digit inflation, stable currency, foreign exchange reserves, nursing/teacher trainee allowances, non-borrowing on the international markets etc.), was ravenously squandered with brazen recklessness and the scrawny bones thrown at us with impunity so when I hear the word “meat” being mentioned within a certain context in the presence of the meat eaters, as a nationalist, I cannot help being very worried.

As a firm believer in God, in search of guidance from the Holy Scriptures, this is what I was led to; “But I know my Redeemer lives and in the end He will stand upon the earth” (Job 19:25).

Do I think Ghana will die? Certainly not!

Ghana shall live to give glory and honour to the Lord Almighty because I know that God is raising some of us to restore to Ghana, our lost glory and honour.

In His own good time, God will make all things beautiful.

To Him be all glory, honour, praise and adoration.

Blessed week to us all.

Samuel Koku Anyidoho

(Nationalist, Politician and Theologian).


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