Winning the NSMQ will be a bit challenge for girls’ schools — Prof Mensa-Bonsu

The difficulties that girls’ schools face in preparing for the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) have an impact on their performance in the competition a Supreme Court Judge has said.

Justice Prof. Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu noted that winning the NSMQ requires adequate practise and preparation, which girls’ schools may struggle with due to parents’ devotion to their daughters.

“When I hear the kind of preparation and practice the boys’ schools put their contestants through, then I know it will be a challenge for the young women because parents tend to want their daughters to come home during vacation. Most of the contestants stay on in school and parents don’t like that with their daughters,” she told JoyNews in an interview.

Buttressing her point, Prof Mensa-Bonsu said that as a young girl her parents first ask about her whereabouts when they came home just as many parents do in the case of their daughters.

“So I don’t think they would have agreed that I should just stay on in school preparing for a contest two years ahead as the boys do”

“The young ladies are every bit as intelligent and capable as the boys but with everything you need practice and they just don’t have the time,” she averred.


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