4 ways to be less self-destructive during your 20s

Being angry and irritable in your early 20s is normal to some extent. However, some people take this “phase” to an extreme and cause significant damage to their relationships and their future by engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

If you feel like you’ve fallen into that trap, check out these tips that will help you be less angry and self-destructive.

1. Choose Self-Care Over Self-Destruction

No matter how hard families try to keep their children on the right path, many young adults venture into potentially dangerous waters that are very hard to leave behind.

Activities like excessive drinking, recreational drug use, and inadequate sleep can lead you into a spiral of depression and self-destruction, even if you use them as a means to cope with overwhelming stress.

Instead, you should reach for self-care activities that revive you during those difficult moments.

Whether you spend a day pampering yourself or use Sunday Scaries CBD gummies to take the edge off, self-care rituals will help you better manage your life and ultimately help you avoid self-destructive behaviors.

2. Stop The Lousy Lifestyle Choices

Though many young adults drink and experiment with drugs to have fun, the long-term effects are precisely the opposite. Instead of feeling better, long-term drug abuse leads to depression, feelings of shame, and overall emotional instability.

One wrong move can take you down a long road of feeling sorry for yourself, not to mention the huge health implications that follow.

It’s like all of these social activities actually lead to everything you want to avoid. Pretty soon, people start feeling unhappy, angry, and unable to control their thoughts and actions. The most extreme cases can lead to suicidal thoughts, which could even lead to tragedy.

If you catch yourself engaging in these lousy lifestyle choices, like excessive drinking or partying instead of sleeping, you should stop right away.

3. Pick Up Healthy Habits

Once you realise living an unhealthy life won’t get you anywhere, it’s time to start making changes. You can try to run away from your problems, but they will catch up with you in the end.

That will require a considerable shift in how you think about life, but the first step is to change all of those bad habits you learned to love.

The first step towards a healthier life is regular exercise. Going to a gym a few times a week or simply going out for a jog every few days will help you recover mentally.

It will be very hard at first, but once you get that blood pumping, your brain will reward you with hormones that make you feel happy.

Regular exercise will also positively affect your eating and sleeping habits, and you will feel better in a few weeks. Once you feel better on your feet, you should also reduce drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, and other unhealthy habits.

After a while, you will feel more energized and ready to face the challenges in front of you.

4. Socialize, But With The Right Crowd

Instead of looking for people you can self-destruct with, you will want to spend your time with people who understand what you’re going through.

Meet people at the gym or your local park and try to talk about the everyday stuff rather than the bad things. You have to change your circle of friends if you want to leave your bad habits behind for good.

Remove toxic people from your life, and focus on the hard-working, positive people who want to know who you are and who want to support you through your life struggles.

You have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.

Don’t waste any time and accept that you’re a special person who deserves everything the world has to offer. You have one life, so learn to love yourself, and your life will change forever.

Leave the bad habits behind and learn to enjoy the small things in life. That’s what growing up looks like, and the sooner you accept it — the easier things will be in the future.


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