Be on the lookout for fake online shops – CSA alerts Ghanaians

The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has cautioned the general public about the online scams popping up for the upcoming festive season.

In a statement released on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the Authority stated that the increased majority of digital shopping channels were currently attracting shopping scams such as fake online shops and malware attacks.

“Malicious actors create online profiles to promote and sell non-existent goods at a very affordable price. They ask potential buyers to make upfront payments to mobile money wallets with names not related to the shop or even the seller. After receiving payment, they don’t deliver the goods, and they subsequently block the buyer from communicating with them.” the Authority announced.

The security body additionally revealed that phishing is currently the tactic used by fake online shops for their malicious games.

According to the cyber body, malicious actors use the phishing tactic to “deceive people into disclosing their personal information like their credit/debit card numbers or account password by getting them to click on malicious links cloaked in official looking emails, attachments and logos that lead to impersonated websites of popular brands like Amazon and Alibaba.”

The Authority urged the general public to look out for fake online shops, especially on Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram. They further advised the general public to take necessary precautions when making online purchases.

“As much as possible only shop from reputable and well-known online stores and stay away from websites you have never heard of.” They also appealed to Ghanaians to make payments after delivery has been seen and made.

“Be cautious of proposals and deals including those shared by email, that seem too good to be true no matter how appealing they appear” the cyber body added.

Read a copy of the full statement below

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