#FixTheCountry: Don’t politicise campaign – Ameyaw Debrah

#FixTheCountry: Don’t politicise campaign – Ameyaw Debrah

Multiple award-winning blogger and social media influencer, Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, has urged campaigners of ‘Fix The Country’ to refrain from politicising the advocacy which has shook the foundations of the country.

The celebrity writer speaking to Metro TV’s Francisca Kakra Forson on Good Afternoon Ghana Wednesday, May 5, 2021, indicated that the citizenry should register their dissatisfaction at the problems they’re unhappy about but it should be devoid of political biased.

According to Mr. Debrah, the plight of the Ghanaian is lucid and known hence political actors cannot dictate the problems to be fixed.

“We are fixing the country for us, for our future and it doesn’t matter whether it is NPP, NDC, or whatever (sic). There’s something it should go through. We shouldn’t allow either the NPP or the NDC to dictate what we want to be fixed because we all live in this country, we know what we want,’ the CEO of Ameyaw Debrah Media averred.

“The road to my place is not the best and I want them done, so, we know we don’t need them to feel like there’s an uprising against the NPP so let’s join and echo it and make it stronger or whatever,” he added on the Ignite Media Group-owned platform.

Ameyaw Debrah, therefore, advised the general public most specifically the youths engaged in the campaign aimed at urging people in authority to address the country’s pressing problems to be focused and result-oriented.

“We must control what we want this campaign to mean for us,” he noted.



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