Government Will Pay Road Contractors Before End Of Year – Roads Minister

Government Will Pay Road Contractors Before End Of Year – Roads Minister

The Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Atta says government would clear a “chunk” of outstanding debts owed road contractors before the end of the year.

“Contractors of this country are doing a yeoman’s job despite all the difficulties, and I want to assure them that Government will continue to work in their interest and all their outstanding payments from now onwards will be done from time to time.

While speaking at the 2022 Nine Lessons and Carols of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in Accra, the Roads Minister said, “A chunk of outstanding (payments) are going to be effected before the end of the year and it will continue,” This year’s event was organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

Despite the economic difficulties, the government, according to Mr. Amoako-Atta, did not suspend any road projects.

He also promised that more funding would be directed toward the roads sector.

While the government mobilised resources to further develop the nation’s road network, he pleaded with residents in places where roads still needed to be repaired to maintain their composure.

“The people deserve to have good roads. I appeal to all those who haven’t had their turn to be patient and calm,” he said.

The Roads and Highways Minister urged drivers to abide by traffic laws in order to prevent accidents throughout the holiday season.

According to Mr. Amoako-Atta, the development of the nation’s road system does not ensure that traffic laws will be broken at the expense of human life.

“We see drivers refusing to obey speed limits, especially on new roads. We should not turn roads into death traps.


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