Persons living with HIV raise concerns of inadequate education

Persons living with HIV have expressed concerns over the COVID 19 vaccines to their health.  They say enough education has not been given on whether it is safe to get vaccinated, considering their condition.

Persons living with HIV expressed their fear at an HIV/AIDS conference organized by the Action plus foundation to discuss the impact of the COVID 19 on their lives. Since the outbreak, persons living with HIV have raised a number of concerns including stigmatization, loss of employment, and shortage of antiretroviral drugs.

According to them, there is no clear communication as to the effect or otherwise of the vaccine on persons living with HIV.

Speakers at the conference took turns to educate the persons living with HIV on how to maintain good health and avoid contracting the coronavirus.

The Chief Executive of Action plus Foundation, Apostle Fred Annin, said the resources and energy invested in the prevention of COVID 19 should also be channeled to HIV prevention and management.  The foundation prayed for persons living with HIV and presented some items for their upkeep.



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