Komfo Kolege urges govt to implement measures to support widows

Komfo Kolege urges govt to implement measures to support widows

Ghanaian movie actor Collins Oteng, known as Komfo Kolege in movies, has urged the government to implement measures to assist widows in the country.

According to Kolege, widows find themselves in challenging situations after the loss of their husbands, leaving them vulnerable.

He emphasizes that widows struggle to provide for their families, especially after losing the support of their late husbands’ contributions.

He was speaking on behalf of Wofa Sem, who organized a health screening for some widows in the Ashanti Region.

Wofa Sem donated clothing, bags of rice, oil and food worth thousands of cedis to widows in Tepa.

“Wofa Sem is dedicated to supporting the needy at all times, but the government can also do more to support widows who are struggling to make ends meet”

He urged the government to consider establishing a dedicated ministry or incorporating a widows’ support system under the Ministry of Gender to ensure a more comprehensive assistance for widows.

Kolege also took the opportunity to call on the affluent in society to be mindful of widows and extend their support to them.

Meanwhile, the Paramount Chief of Tepa, Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem, has expressed gratitude to Wofa Sem for the gesture.

“You have made up your mind to assist widows and the needy. The bible says there is more blessing in giving than receiving and I pray God blesses you for your generosity. I thank you, and your staff for the support,” he said.

He further pledged Tepa’s commitment to Wofa Sem Motors in all its endeavors.

“We will not abandon you, we will support you always. Previously my people would come to me and ask, what I am doing for them this Christmas Your support will go a long way in helping them celebrate this year’s Christmas” He added.

The people however called for more support to help alleviate the hardship of the needy in the community.

By: Michael Obeng | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana


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