Leadership plays key role in curbing violence – Dzifa Tegah

Dzifa Tegah, a communications team member of the NDC has stated that activities of violence that go unpunished encourage the act, indicating that leadership is primarily responsible for ensuring sanity in the system even though other agencies are tasked.

Dzifa Tegah was addressing matters relating to the state of the country’s security, expressing regret that the citizenry resorts to violence to resolve issues that must be dealt with by law.

During her submission on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Monday, July 5, 2021, the outspoken politician noted that perpetrators of crime in the country have developed resistance to punishment describing it as a normal thing.

“After all, what can happen to them? It is the trend of the day. And if you will be sincere or if everyone will be sincere, everything that runs in this country boils down to leadership. I will keep saying this because if Ghanaians or human beings are allowed to do what they want, everyone will go wayward,” she added.

Dzifa Tega however noted that the law goes beyond what people do by their selves indicating that what people do on their own accord does not necessarily advance a nation making reference to control. “Everyone will decide to do what pleases them but what pleases you is not the law. What pleases you is not what is going to promote growth and development in the country. What pleases you is not likely to bring peace in the country.”

She expressed that the law is necessary for shaping citizens adding “that is why we have the law to guide us all despite the fact that most of us are adults. So at the end of the day, you realize that there is a leader at the top of the pyramid who supposed to make sure that these laws are upheld.”

She explained that the public is fond of apportioning blames to security agencies throwing caution that finding solutions to issues of violence is a team effort.

“The Sports Journalist who was talking, Jerome [Otchere] was blaming the police, the security systems but I want to remind all of us that it is a pyramid and it is a system. The police and the security systems are in the middle of the pyramid.”

“And so yes, they will have a portion of the blame. In fact, the ones that come after them will have a portion of the blame because they report to someone on the decisions they make? But you realize that the ultimate action that has to be taken to insist and ensure that the right thing is being done is at the top there” she added.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana       

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