Mad rush for 2022 number plates at DVLA offices

Mad rush for 2022 number plates at DVLA offices

Vehicle owners have been flocking to the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) offices across the country to register their vehicles and acquire 2022 number plates.

The yearly ritual, which is usually marked by a mad rush to obtain vehicle number plates often, keeps the DVLA offices very busy and occasionally chaotic.


The Greater Accra Regional Manager of the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Mr. Attah Kumah Mensah said although thousands of people are turning in to register their unregistered vehicles, the procedure has generally been smooth so far.

“We’re not in normal times and we don’t want the number of people to crowd in a single space, so, what we have done is to set up canopies outside with chairs.

“And we also have adequate information dotted across the length and breadth of the offices. We have two information desks where customers can go to access information, among other measures that we deployed,” Mr. Mensah told Metro TV

Duplicate Number Plates

Attah Kumah Mensah also touched on recent reports of an increase in duplication of same number plates on different vehicles.

An occurrence he believes will be addressed due to the introduction of the online registration system.

“Some of these numbers are genuine mistakes occasioned by the Authority which we have taken steps to correct. Others too were not generally issued by us.”

Way Forward  

The Authority has said the introduction of the Online Vehicle Registration System will check multiple vehicle registration numbers in the system and eradicate them.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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