NPP New Juaben North primaries: Another aspirant resigns and throws his support behind Seth Acheampong

NPP New Juaben North primaries: Another aspirant resigns and throws his support behind Seth Acheampong

In a surprising turn of events that has sent ripples through the political landscape of New Juaben North, Mr. William Agyemang, a top contender in the race who recently stepped down from the NPP parliamentary election, has officially thrown his weight behind Seth Kwame Acheampong.

This monumental announcement, made after careful consideration and extensive consultations, has been met with widespread joy and enthusiasm from delegates, party members, and constituents alike.

The endorsement is seen as a powerful testament to the affability and receptionist qualities of Seth Kwame Acheampong. The unity forged between these formidable forces in the constituency has set a positive tone leading up to the elections scheduled for January 27th.

Mr. Acheampong’s campaign now boasts the support of political giants in New Juaben North Constituency, including Chairman Kwadjo Boateng Agyemang, a former constituency chairman and nephew of Hackman Owusu Agyemang, Chairman of the NPP National Council of Elders.

Additionally, the backing of Victor Asare Gyapong, a two-time contestant for Constituency Executive positions, and William Amankrah, who recently resigned from the race, further solidifies the strength of this political coalition.

The unity displayed by these political giants and their respective teams working collaboratively for Kwame Acheampong sends a clear message; the winds of victory are blowing strongly in his favor.

With such a formidable support base and notable endorsements, Seth Kwame Acheampong emerges as a frontrunner in the NPP parliamentary election, poised to secure a decisive win and make a lasting impact on the constituency.

The stage is set, as it left with only 6 days to the parliamentary primaries, all eyes are on the January 27th election to witness the unfolding of this political chapter in New Juaben North.

By: Kofi Adjei | | Ghana

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