Over 2,000 new cases of HIV recorded in Weija

The Weija Municipality of the Greater Accra Region is recording new cases of HIV infections.

Experts blame high commercial sex activities in the area for the surge and calling for immediate actions to be taken.

Available records show that some 2,569 people are living with HIV/AIDS in the municipality with new cases being recorded.

This makes the municipality one of the top five areas in the country with high cases of HIV/AIDS.

According to experts, festive and beach activities as well as commercial sex activities in the municipality and its neighbors such as Kasoa and Buduburam in Gomoa East are the cause of the infections.

Regardless of these factors, the Municipal Public Health Directorate says education and sensitization have not been satisfactory as a result of financial constraints.

Another crawling mode of transmission, according to experts, is homosexuality. Men in uniform, long journey drivers are also within the bracket of persons acquiring HIV infections.

Ms. Mathilda Darkoaa Akonnor, the Municipal Public Health Director suggests the infections are rising as a result of low education, sensitization and testing as much attention was given to Covid-19 in the last few years.

She’s calling for improved health educational activities, testing and treatment of infected persons.

Meanwhile, persons who have tested positive and have resorted to seeking healing at religious centers are being admonished to seek treatment at medical centers instead in order to suppress their viral load to prevent a possible spread.

The Municipality Antiretroviral Therapists have adopted the 95,95,95 policy to ensure that 95 percent of infected persons are tested, 95 percent of the tested persons linked to care and 95 percent of those linked to care are virally suppressed in order to curb spread and deaths.

By: Akwasi Addo | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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