Police impound over 300 unregistered motorcycles in Tamale

Police impound over 300 unregistered motorcycles in Tamale

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) in collaboration with the Road Safety Authority and the Ghana Police Service arrested over 300 unregistered motorcycles in Tamale.

The DVLA swiftly registered all those motorcycles for owners at a fee with a very strong call to owners of all unregistered motorbikes in the region asking them to visit the DVLA to register their bikes or face the law.

This marks the beginning of an operation to get rid of unregistered vehicles in the Northern Region.

Motorbikes are the major means of transport for many Ghanaians in the Northern parts of the country.

However, many of these motorbikes used by residents of the northern region are unregistered.

On the back of this, the Driver and Vehicle  Licensing  Authority (DVLA ) has collaborated with the Ghana Police Service and the Road Safety Authority to arrest and register all unregistered motorbikes in the Northern Region.

The arrest will also cover those who are using motorbikes without crash helmets.

At a press briefing in Tamale, Northern Regional Police Commander, COP Timothy Yoosa Bonga, revealed that over 300 unregistered motorbikes were arrested to mark the beginning of the operation.

He also mentioned that enough sensitization has been carried on around communities in the region.

He added that the importance of adhering to road safety regulations cannot and should never be underestimated.

In conclusion, the commander stated that many innocent lives have been lost in the Northern Region due to lack of compliance with road safety regulations, adding that, thieves take advantage of the huge number of unregistered motorbikes in the region to operate with ease.


By: Alhassan D Baba | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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